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Maldives Tourism Expected to Rebound with the Drop of Covid Cases – Positive hopes!

In June 2021, the Maldives had to face a fast spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, which caused the officials to implement a 16-hour curfew per day. This impacted negatively on the travel and tourism sector of the country and It also had to temporarily ban travellers from India as a result of the adverse condition too.

However, the health officials now have declared that a clear reduction in COVID 19 cases can now be seen in the country. According to the reports, this will help the travel and tourism sector to have a rebound. The local vaccination program will cover every individual in the local population with both doses shortly, and this brings hope to every resort in Maldives the likes of Niyama Private Island Maldives as they can expect more guest arrivals from every corner of the world without any barriers.