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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2016 – Cravings Galore

For the past 20 years the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has been infusing the city with a vast array of aromas. As heady afternoons turned into evenings and years turned into decades, the festival has grown to amazing proportions. This year the festival will be held from the 4th – 13th March, 2016. When the festival was first held in 1993 there were simply 12 events. Today the festival that goes on for almost ten days hosts over 200 events. From cooking demonstrations to wine samplings, the programme is quite amazing. The events are organized in interesting venues such as semi-dark basements or even sky-high roof tops. The experience is like no other and in order that visitors don’t miss out on any event it is important to choose from appealing Melbourne accommodation apartments. Providing suitable accommodation is Oaks on William, when in the apartments you would be easily enticed by the scent of cooking. It is an event to look forward to.