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National Day celebrations in Oman

Oman National Day 2022 Concludes in Celebrations – A Day to Remember!

Oman being the oldest independent state of the Arabian landscape, celebrated its National Day on the 18th of November, marking its independence from Portugal’s control since 1650. The 2-week holiday commenced by celebrating the birthday of the Sultan of Oman on the 19th of November.

The celebrations included a parade, fireworks, races, and more while the streets were made colourful with the national flag and images of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The holiday was a great time for Oman nationals to bond with their loved ones, while the tourists received the opportunity to see a highlight of the country during their Oman sightseeing adventures. For those who wish to experience a unique stay in the most scenic landscapes in Oman, Desert Nights Camp is one such ideal destination.