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Singapore’s Tourism Resurgence: Indian Visitors Soar to New Heights

In a promising development, Singapore is currently witnessing a significant revival in the number of Indian tourists visiting the country. According to G. B. Srithar, the regional director of the Singapore Tourism Board, between January and June 2023, approximately 5.35 lakh visitors from India have graced the vibrant city-state.

G. B. Srithar, speaking at a recent roundtable meet in Coimbatore, expressed that this resurgence is indeed noteworthy. The numbers tell the story, with around 1.41 million Indian visitors choosing Singapore as their destination. This places India as the third-largest source of visitors to Singapore, following closely behind China and Indonesia.

The influx of visitors encompasses a diverse range, including young Indian leisure travelers, families, cruise enthusiasts, and those arriving for business purposes. Singapore Airlines facilitates seamless travel, providing nonstop air connectivity between Singapore and 19 major Indian cities. This surge in Indian tourists showcases Singapore’s enduring allure as a favored destination. Be it a long-stay hotel or a short-stay hotel in Singapore, such as the modern Hotel Boss, the city boasts a host of accommodation options to suit every traveller’s needs.