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Sri Lanka to launch mega global tourism campaign – Rs. 1.4 Bn to be spent in December

Sri Lanka Tourism is set to launch a comprehensive global destination marketing campaign with a budget of Rs. 1.4 billion on December 27, 2023. The campaign, a full-scale worldwide promotional effort, is the largest in several years and aimed to boost tourism in Sri Lanka. The promotional focus includes 14 key markets, including India, China, Russia, Germany and the UK. The campaign is also targeted at the diaspora, acknowledging its significant influence, with around 3 million Sri Lankans residing overseas. Sri Lanka participated in major travel fairs and conducted extensive roadshows in various countries.

The country anticipated a surge in tourist arrivals in 2023, especially with major events like the traditional Dalada Perahera in Kandy and the Asia Cup starting on August 31. For an immersive and memorable stay, visitors are currently selecting accommodations in Mandaramnuwara. Rooms by popular hotels like Tea and Experience Factory offer a peak into Sri Lanka’s tea culture which is a highlight in the tourism industry.