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The Binara Full Moon poya day- A Day of Reflection and Celebration for Buddhists

Binara Full Moon Poya Day is a day of reflection and celebration for Buddhists around the globe. This special religious holiday is also a national holiday for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and all the shops, schools, and public places in the country remain closed for religious festivities. This year, the Binara full moon poya day will fall on the 10th of September and the streets are expected to be festooned with lanterns and lights.

This special National holiday also marks the beginning of the Bhikkuni Sasanaya or the day that Buddha allowed female Buddhist monks to join the order. Thus, it is a day of historical poignance. Since the day is a public holiday in the country, those not celebrating Poya Day can also make a trip to a resort town like Pasikuda and choose to stay at one of the finest Pasikuda Beach hotels the likes of Calm Resort & Spa relish in the holiday vibe!