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Kandy city mountain view

The International Conference on Environment and Life Science – Held in Kandy

The International Conference on Environment and Life Science was held in Kandy, Sri Lanka from the 14th to the 15th of June 2020.

The event was organised by Eurasia Web and provided a platform for all professionals as well as those aspiring to go further in Environment and Life Science so that they could gain more knowledge. There was an exchange of ideas concerning the state of the field of study as well as technological solutions and techniques that are being applied currently and those that can be better curated in the future.

Participation involved a wide circle of researchers and those in academia, mostly from university and professional level. However, as Sri Lanka is slowly coming out of the fear of COVID-19 and flights in and out of the country are still fairly infrequent, those that couldn’t attend in person were able to connect through video conferencing. Those who were in the city stayed at hotels like Hotel Topaz which is considered the best hotel in Kandy for seclusion in the mountains and many other local hotels.