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The Maldives Open Once More – Costly COVID-19 Measures for Tourists Scrapped

The Maldives has opened for international tourists after months of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the government had planned to introduce costly COVID-19 measures for tourists which they would have to pay for including an antigen test and visa fees. However, now there will be no quarantine measures or fees for those entering the country, while a 30-day tourist visa will be granted on arrival free of charge. There will be a thermal screening at entry, while those who show symptoms of COVID-19 will have to undergo a PCR test which they will have to pay for.

It is hoped that doing away with the proposed additional fees will attract more tourists to the Maldives; island resorts and luxury hotels on uninhabited islands were allowed to open last month giving travellers a chance to stay at properties such as Naladhu Private Island Maldives. In August, properties offering accommodation on inhabited islands were granted permission to also commence operations paving the way for more tourist arrivals.