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The Maldives Prepares to Adopt Strict Tourism Strategies to Ward Off the Risk of Climate Change

Maldives gears to adopt strict strategies and policies in efforts to save the island’s battered tourism industry. Being a country that is heavily dependent on tourism, Maldives cannot afford climate change to take a toll on the island’s beautiful beaches. Earlier in 2020, the archipelago’s tourism industry took a hard hit by the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the island could revive within no time thanks to prompt measures taken to vaccinate those in the hotel industry not to mention Facebook campaigns that reached over 1.2 million people globally.

Despite the country having witnessed millions of tourist arrivals in 2021, the island’s ecosystem and the coral reefs remain endangered by plastic pollution. To date, pristine sandy beaches continue to be one of the biggest reasons compelling tourists to visit the island. Hence, Maldives cannot spare to have any impairments being done to the island’s coral reefs. As a matter of fact, Embudu Village, which is a charming beach resort in the Maldives has already taken active initiatives to ensure that the environmental impact left by its visitors remains negligible. Hot showers heated by solar panels, strict snorkelling policies, and hydroponically grown breakfast cantaloupes are some of the most notable sustainable measures of the hotel amidst many others,