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The Maldives Targets a Net-Zero Future – Renewable Energy a Key Factor

As highlighted on the World Bank website on 13th July 2021, the Maldives is hoping to achieve a net-zero target by 2030; “net zero” refers to when the quantity of greenhouse gas produced is equal to the quantity removed. The Maldives typically imports a lot of fuel, most of which is diesel for power generation. To offset its high cost and environmental harm, this Indian Ocean nation with the help of the World Bank is focusing more on renewable energy; recent initiatives include the ARISE (Accelerating Renewable Energy Integration and Sustainable Energy) project. There have been positive signs from investors too as the country looks to make use of solar energy as well as the potential offered by tidal energy, offshore wind and hydrogen fuel cells.

It should be noted that the hospitality sector is doing its bit too; apart from offering accommodation at a luxury beach villa, Maldives resorts have also adopted sustainable measures. For example, properties like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort have achieved GOLD Certification status from Green Growth 2050 for the initiatives put in place that range from efficient energy consumption to waste reduction.