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The Millionth Tourist Arrives in the Maldives

August 2022 marked a milestone for Maldivian tourism. As COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, tourist arrivals to Maldive’s 5-star resorts faced a staggering growth, resulting in the arrival of the millionth tourist on Friday, 12th August 2022. Many hotels and resorts on the island nation like The Residence Maldives were contributors to this achievement, standing resilient during these challenging times.

The holistic contribution of the tourism industry was commended by the Chief Executive of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Thoyyib Mohamed. He also mentioned the efforts of government authorities, tourism sector employees, policymakers and stakeholders who work around the clock. While the Maldives celebrated its millionth tourist arrival, the expected number of arrivals for 2022 has been calculated at 1.6 million visitors, expecting to achieve this target through the various campaigns that have been launched to promote tourism.