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Oman Desert Marathon

The Ninth Edition of Oman Desert Marathon Kicks Off Amid Global Participation

The highly anticipated Ninth Edition of the Oman Desert Marathon has been officially launched, marking a significant event within the North Al Sharqiyah Winter 2024 calendar. Organised by the North Al Sharqiyah Governorate, this marathon spans four stages and covers a challenging 165 km route. Commencing from the village of Al Wasil in the Wilayat of Bidiya, participants traverse the expansive sands of Al Sharqiyah.

The international marathon draws participants from various corners of the globe, including Morocco, Spain, Germany, France, Ukraine, Italy, Britain, Poland, Switzerland, and Belgium. This period also signifies a bustling time for hotels and resorts in Oman, like Sur Plaza Hotel, where a range of enticing Oman hotel deals are available. Participants span various age groups, creating a dynamic and inclusive event that showcases the spirit of endurance and sportsmanship. The diverse representation underlines the global appeal of the Oman Desert Marathon, making it a sought-after challenge for athletes worldwide.