The Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk Challenge Event – A New Spin on Road Trips

calflier001GALLE TUK TUK AND DRIVER GALLE SRI LANKA JAN 2013 (8554500756)CC BY-SA 2.0

One the most exciting and adventurous road-trips organized by Large Minority, the Tuk Tuk Challenge takes its enthusiastic participants across 1,000 km of Sri Lanka’s Southern and Northern routes. Along with entertaining and challenging activities, the participants are given an exclusive opportunity to experience the unique culture of Sri Lanka. Those looking for adventure-filled Sri Lanka tours often take part in this bi-annual event held in the months of April and September. Travellers also have the option of choosing more conventional tours offered by local travel specialists such as Connaissance de Ceylan to the areas covered in the challenge.

A memorable experience and a challenging quest, the Tuk Tuk Challenge includes around 10 checkpoints along the routes. Participants are trained on how to drive a tuk tuk or rickshaw on the starting day and the package also includes accommodation. Attended by many visiting Sri Lanka, the event offers 10% of every dollar to the flagship charity projects organized by Large Minority.