Trouble Free Entry into Sri Lanka to Boost Tourism in Sri Lanka – A new plan in action

Sri Lanka’s tourism sector is on its way to reaching an even bigger boom, with the marketing campaigns and wise decision making by the Tourism Minister, John Amarathunga. Recently, it was decided that tourist VISAs for the EU countries would be free. The plan was executed from the 1st of April this year and will be available for 6 months.

Mayakaru at English Wikipedia, Colombo – Lake, CC BY 3.0

This is sure to drive tourism in not only Sri Lanka but the Maldives as well. Most Italian tourists visiting the Maldives will now consider stopping by in Sri Lanka as well. Colombo hotels the likes of The Kingsbury Colombo which is a popular choice are sure to benefit from all this as well. President of Gateway SRL based in Italy, Ravi Dias Jayasinha also suggested that Sri Lankan Airlines should resume their flights to Frankfurt, Paris, and Milan. This will further push tourism as well as bring in some more income to the airline.