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Tunisia’s Tourism Industry Anticipates to Experience a Boost with $97 Million in Investment for Third Quarter

With the investment climate of Tunisia witnessing exponential growth, the country is anticipating the receipt of at least $97 million in the third quarter of 2022. The Minister of Tourism for the Northern African nation positively remarked on the escalating investment arena of the country and added that almost 100 stakeholders have expressed their willingness to raise capital in the country. Sheltering sunkissed beaches, sweeping mountains and a host of unbeatable attractions, in Tunisia, sightseeing is bound to be nothing short of exciting.

With the tropical nation’s tourism sector representing at least 14% of the gross domestic produce, efforts are underway to improve the industry contribution to at least 20% of the gross domestic produce. The country’s tourism industry is also planning to implement a 4.0 digital plan along with an initiative to adopt an ecological approach to tourism. Accordingly, it is expected that lavish resorts like The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro will be of value.