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Upward Revision of Sri Lanka’s Tourism Earnings Estimate – A 142% Increase Seen

Following a survey conducted by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority on the average stay period of travellers as well as the average spending per day estimates, the country’s tourism earnings estimate has been revised; this was done not only for the earnings of 2021 but for January 2022 as well. The revisions showed an increase of 142% which bodes well for the tourism industry as it looks to get back on track.

Accordingly, the 2021 tourism earnings were changed to 633.8 million US dollars from the original 261.4 million US dollars; the January 2022 tourism earnings were revised to 268.3 million US dollars up from the previous 110 million US dollars. With the country focusing on new tourism markets and set to launch a Global Communication Campaign (GCC) later this year, it will be hoped arrival numbers will continue to rise. Travellers are showing keenness to holiday here with ‘Safe & Secure’ accommodation providers like Earl’s Regency providing an ideal base at a Kandy hotel, Sri Lanka, from which to explore destinations like the hill capital.