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Water Battles with Elephants Kick Off Thai New Year – A Fun-Filled Celebration!


The Songkran holiday is an event which is traditionally marked by paying respect to one’s elders and sprinkling water over Buddha figures at the local temples. It also has largely evolved to be a fun-filled water fight which takes to the streets.

Friendly jumbos with flowers and hearts painted onto their bodies will take part in the event and will spray waters at revellers who will be celebrating the counties traditional new year which will be falling on Thursday the 11th of April. The formers capital Ayutthaya, a famed tourist hotspot featuring beautiful and ancient temples ruins will be seeing more than a dozen of elephants walking along the streets with their mahouts on their backs spraying and splashing both locals and foreigners under the tropical sun. Accommodation can be easily found at resorts such as Avani+ Hua Hin Resort while also getting the chance to enjoy a whole host of things to do in Hua Hin during the celebrations